Musicians — particularly singers, are always on the receiving end of feedback.  We spend much of our time leaning on the ears and expertise of others - voice teachers, coaches, conductors, etc.  Constructive criticism is a useful and a necessary tool to pursue excellence in our craft — but interpreting this information is a skill.  From auditions, to coachings, to rehearsals, to reviews — how do we survive this intense scrutiny?  In this 3-part series, we will create a process for disseminating feedback in the most useful and beneficial way. The goal is to help create independent thinking, self-awareness, and not be derailed by negativity.

The F Word — Feedback (Part 3)

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Jennifer Johnson Cano


constructive criticism

Filtering Received Feedback and Giving Feedback.pdf

Part 3 — Handout

Filtering Received Feedback and Giving Feedback.pdf