You spend time and money to prepare, audition, secure the work. Once hired, you spend money to coach your role, prepare as a musician and actor, read source material and....on day one--it suddenly becomes clear the rehearsal room isn't going to be what you imagined. What next? How do singers deal with problematic directors and still preserve artistic integrity, ensure awesome directors are obsessed with your art, and holistically utilize personal creative passions, intelligence and gifts without sacrificing one's own ideas and self worth? A serious seminar for the serious vocalist less interested in being an influencer and more curious and dedicated to a productive, engaging and ultimately rewarding creative process in the new reality of opera in 2020. Designed to build simmering, idea-ready artists eager to unleash new potential all while navigating the rehearsal room, auditions, and months of work before the first day as well as an exploration of progressive ideas and structures about how to best prepare. This discussion and media course is designed to openly and boldly explore and discuss the intricacies of Director + Singer relationships, broaden one's own personal artistic awareness and brand that can translate into actual projects for the future, facilitate important discussions about how to approach and dismantle auditions and rehearsal room ""norms"", work well with colleagues and give a glimpse into the processes and thoughts behind this director's own process and response to the shifting landscape of the opera field.

Artistic Identity & the Rehearsal Room

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James Darrah


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